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What is Fused Glass Art?

What is fused glass art? It is just one of many forms of glass art created by melting glass in a kiln. This process is behind hundreds of techniques. The glass can be fired by itself or with other pieces of glass. The end result….a beautiful art object.

Fused glass (sometimes called kilnformed, warm or, kiln-glass) is a rewarding art form for many people around the world and quickly growing in popularity.

Fused glass is unlike stained glass, which has "lead lines". Fused glass are Dimensional (non-flat) pieces that can be created without having to cut and assemble hundreds of smaller pieces.

Unlike blown glass, the learning curve is relatively short, there are far fewer physical demands on the artist, and anyone's garage can be converted into a well equipped fused glass studio.

Below is a description of several of the fundamental kiln formed glass techniques.

Basic Techniques
Full Fusing: Two or more pieces of glass are placed in the kiln and heated until they fuse together into a single piece.

Contour Fusing: When a piece is contour fused, the item retains its basic shape with the center section being slightly elevated with nicely rounded edges. 

Tack Fusing: Glass is fused until it just sticks together so that each piece retains its individual character.

Slumping (or draping): Glass is placed over a mold and heated until it slumps into (or drapes over) the shape. Frequently the glass being slumped has design elements already fused to it.

Casting: The glass is melted so that it flows into a mold. There are many variations of glass casting. Cast glass objects are typically thick and dimensional.
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