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Many of my wearable art pendants are made from several types of glass and go through up to 5 firings creating a piece that not only has depth but gives a “3D” appearance. My pieces can be inspired by a beautiful sunset over the water or sprawling meadows with a beautiful mountain as a backdrop. Nature is definitely something that moves me.

I have a dedicated room in my home to create my designs. My room is equipped with many types of glass, hand and power tools, such as a dremel, drill press and grinder and glass saw.  My kiln is setup in my garage.  Some day I hope to move into a larger space so that I can share my knowledge and teach others this amazing art form.

As a young girl, I was always creating something whether it was a knitted scarf or a hand sewn dress for my daughter. When I was in my early 20’s, I started my first business selling hand knitted sweaters for children with their name and a motif design on the front. Creating has always been such a joy to me. Seeing a finished product filled me with joy but even more so when I see how much it is appreciated by my customers.
I truly believe that I inherited my artist ability from my father who was an amazing artist. Although by profession he was a dentist, he spent most of his free time in our basement creating paintings out of a wide range of mediums, including oil, pastels, charcoals, and acrylics. He often worked on an amazing wood carving at the same time. He was approached many times to sell his pieces but he always refused. His enjoyment was to do this for his family only.

It was just about a year ago, when I heard about fused glass art, the art of taking different styles of fusible glass (fusible glass has its own unique properties that allow it to be melted by itself or to other pieces of glass in a kiln) and creating things such as earrings, necklaces display art and serving dishes. I became so intrigued in the beauty of the glass as well as its ability to melt and take form; I decided to give it a try and joined a local club which taught me many of the basic techniques. Eventually, "give it a try" became an understatement and so I immersed myself into this art form by watching every YouTube video I could find on the subject. I then began to study some of the well-known glass artists and really sharpened my skills. I continue to expand my knowledge of this new art form by exploring techniques such as fusing different colors and textures together to create multiple layers or etching directly onto a finished product to produce a beautiful design. The techniques are endless!

Although I am a Realtor by profession, I hope to someday spend 100% of my time creating glass art. 

I hope you get much enjoyment and use from your purchase.
Debbie Barnett
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