About Fused Glass Jewelry

Below  is some information about Fused Glass Jewelry and how it's made:

Scene and Multi Layered Pendants: These pendants  are created with 3 to 5 layers of dichroic and non-dichroic glass. Each layer is fired in the kiln separately. By using a combination of both dichroic and non-dichoric glass, this layering effect gives the pieces tremendous depth. This depth adds to the beauty of each piece. To enhance a pendant, I sometimes add a touch of special paint to create clouds, ocean waves, etc. The last step in making these pendants is adding a decal which is permanently fired onto the piece. The total number of firings may be as high as six. Decals are not added to all pieces as you will notice when perusing the site. 

Hand Etched Pendants: These pendants are created with two layers of glass. The top layer is dichroic which is fired dichroic side up. I then use a dremel to hand carve a design onto the piece. These pendants require 3 firings.

Cream Etched Pendants: These pendants are created with three layers of glass. The second layer is dichroic glass fired dichroic side up. I apply a sticker to this top layer and cream etch off everything around the sticker. After approximately 15 minutes, the etching cream is removed from the piece leaving the dichroic pattern of the sticker. The final step is to cap with a clear piece of glass. Once fired it gives the appearance of the design being embedded into the piece. These pendants require 3 firings.

Reactive Crackle and Reactive Raised Pendants: These pendants are made with glass that when fired with another piece of glass cause a "reaction". The reaction creates a ring or edging effect between the two pieces of glass. I make these pendants with either Reactive Powder (glass crushed to its finest state) or Reactive Frit (glass crushed into many levels of coarseness) These pendants require 2-3 firings.

Stenciled Pieces: These pieces can be seen on the giftware page. Two layers of glass are fired together and then a stenciled pattern is created with powdered frit. The piece is then fired again. The final step is slumping (see the about fused glass page) the piece into a shape.

All other pieces including giftware shown on the giftware page: In addition to the above described styles, all or some of the methods shown on the "About Fused Glass" page are used to create my pieces. The creativity is endless and the outcome of each piece often a glorious surprise!

DISCLOSURE-**Please note that dichroic glass reflects different colors depending on the angle you look at the piece.   As a result, the exact coloring may appear different in person than in the photo.   Things such as small air bubbles or pitting might be seen as a result of firing different types of glass together. These "imperfections" as some people might see it, actually add to the beauty of the piece and its organic nature. Additionally, some pieces will be far more spectacular and brilliant in person than they appear on the website. Sizes are approximate not exact.**

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